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All people lose weight in various ways. Weight loss diet or a healthy eating plan can be such ways; some people use them rather frequently. One more rather effective method for weight loss combines a healthier diet with taking an exercise program. It is connected with metabolism that influences processing the foods people eat. People with a fast metabolism have no problems with extra weight as their body can take in food then break it down to turn it into useful energy rather quickly. For people with a slow metabolism these processes do not work so fast. That is the main reason for extra fat appearance. There are the facts that can make the metabolisms go faster. Eating foods which speed up the metabolism is one of the main points. Such foods contain proteins that are fruits and vegetables, lean, healthy fats and whole grains and make metabolism automatically work faster. Eating smaller portions but more often during the day helps a slow metabolism be better in dealing with this given fuel. Making metabolism faster is usually one of the steps in the whole weight loss program along with physical training.

Fitness exercise is considered to be the bodily activities that maintains or enhances physical state and the overall health. It can be performed for different reasons. The exercise includes strengthening muscles and cardiovascular system, weight loss and maintenance, honing athletic skills. Constant and regular fitness exercise boosts immune system as well as helps preventing the cardiovascular disease, heart disease, diabetes and obesity. It can also be a part of mental health care and prevents depression. Fitness as usual point of womens health programs is wide spread among women who want to keep natural health and beauty.

Fitness programs demand different fitness equipment. The treadmill, the stair climber, the stationary bike and rowing machine are basic equipment. The treadmill simulates walking, jogging and running, exercise bikes mimic the motions that are involved during outdoor bicycle ride, the stair climbers provide the aerobic workout that increase heart rate and tone the body, the rowing machine targets both the lower and upper body.

People who use fitness and diets to improve their health after injuries it is better to start with physical therapy or massage that is the oldest treatments. Massage dates back to 280 BC and is one of the natural forms of the medical treatment. Physical therapy is a health care that provides services for individuals to develop, maintain or restore the maximum movement as well as functional ability of the body. Physical therapy provides physical, emotional, psychological and social wellbeing of a patient.